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Our Staff

Our Nursing Staff

At Lilac City Pediatrics, we are fortunate to have a nursing staff with decades of experience in all facets of pediatric care. They are available for advice and recommendations on all aspects of care for your family, whether big or small.

Mary Ellen, RN – Nurse Manager

Mary Ellen is our nurse manager, who coordinates all issues around nursing, as well as providing outstanding nursing care. She is a certified lactation counselor. Mary Ellen was one of the founding members of Lilac City Pediatrics, starting here in 1996. She can be emailed at mhoerman@lilaccity.com.



Barbara, LPN

Barbara started here almost at the beginning in 1997, and has been a core member of our nursing staff ever since. Her advice and patient care are outstanding, and she is a great resource. She is a certified lactation counselor.






Nancy, RN

Nancy has worked here since 1996, coming here from Portsmouth Pediatrics, making her one of the three remaining long term nurses.Her many years of experience are a valuable asset.






Pat, LPN

Pat joined us in 2011, after decades of experience working in other local pediatric offices. Her experience makes her an amazing resource as well.







Jessica, MA

Jess joined us in 2009. She is a certified lactation counselor and is htere for any help you need.








Jodi, MA

She is a certified lactation counselor. Jodi started here in 2012, and is now a key team player.










Michelle, MA

The newest addition to our nursing staff, Michelle joined us in 2013. She has fit right in as a welcome addition to our staff.

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