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Bedtime Story Contest

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One of the most important jobs a parent has is to read to their children. No child should go to bed without a bedtime story. We so strongly believe in this that I am willing to pitch in and help.” – Dr. Hoerman

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Do you want Dr. Hoerman to come to your house to read your children a bedtime story?

Enter our Bedtime Story Contest!

Fill out the simple entry form on this page. Each month, a random name will be drawn from the list of families who have entered. The monthly winner will be contacted, and arrangements will be made for Dr. Hoerman to come to your house with a book or two to read as a bedtime story to your children. After it is done, the books will be theirs to keep!

It is free to enter! It is fun!

Fill out the form to enter!

All information you submit will be kept private and not be shared. Your email will be added to the pool from which winners will be randomly selected each month. Please only enter once per household. This contest is open to all families, even if you do not come to Lilac City Pediatrics. If you live more than 25 miles away, I reserve the right to read to your children electronically.
There is no age limits, newborns need to be read to also! (Teenagers probably don’t want to be read to, you can use your judgment…)


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Bedtime Story Contest Winners!

Click here to enter to win! February 2015 Winners Announcing or February Winners of the Bedtime Story Contest! It was Lydia (7), Jillian (5), Ella (3) and Jackson (2) from Strafford. February was definitely a little busier than January, as this time we had a family of 4 for winners! We had to cancel the …

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