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We want your pictures!

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We want to make you famous!

Well, OK, maybe not famous, but we will put your pictures up on our office computers.

You can do it in one of five ways:

  • Tag your picture on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lilaccitypediatrics and we will automatically have it!
  • Click on this link to submit your pictures by email
  • xEmail it directly to lcpentries@gmail.com
  • Message it from your smart phone directly to lcpentries@gmail.com
  • (This one may not work) Tag your picture on Facebook with the hashtag #lilaccitypediatrics. Facebook hashtags are still pretty iffy as a tracking device, so we may not get it…

As you know, going to the doctor can be stressful. Maybe seeing a friendly face can make that less stressful.

As you are aware, each of our exam rooms has a theme (cats, dogs, sports, etc.). In each of the rooms, there is a screen saver on the computer to match the theme. We will add your appropriate picture to the room with that theme.

Pictures that will be accepted:

  1. Horse Room: Picture of your horse with or without a rider
  2. Sports Room: Picture of your child playing their favorite sport
  3. Dog Room: Picture of your dog (without people, please)
  4. Jungle Room: If you are in the jungle, take us a pic!
  5. Space Room: Not many of you will be able to take good sky pics…
  6. Cat Room: Picture of your cat (without people, please)
  7. Bird Room: Picture of a bird, wild or tame (without people, please)
  8. Nature Room: Picture of a nature scene (big bug, pretty clouds, etc)
  9. Music Room: Picture of your child playing their instrument or singing in a group
  10. Bear Room: picture of a bear (it could be your pet, not a good idea…)
  11. Fish Room: Picture of a fish (or your child with a trophy fish!)

Rules: By using the hashtag #lilaccitypediatrics you are giving Lilac City Pediatrics permission to post your photo on our office computers that will be seen by random patients who are in those rooms. Please do not put any identifying information on those pictures. These pictures will only be used as screensavers, and will not be accessible outside of the office or on the internet. They will not be used for any other purposes. This permission to use the photos is compliant with current HIPPA regulations. We reserve the right to not post any picture we feel is not appropriate for any reason. Don’t ask to see your picture – it will randomly pop up on that computer – we don’t control it!

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