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Bedtime Story Contest

Bedtime Story Contest Winners!

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February 2015 Winners


Announcing or February Winners of the Bedtime Story Contest! It was Lydia (7), Jillian (5), Ella (3) and Jackson (2) from Strafford.

February was definitely a little busier than January, as this time we had a family of 4 for winners! We had to cancel the first try due to a blizzard, but eventually had our night. I arrived around 7:00 PM, everybody was ready for bed and ready to read, and as soon as we convinced the dog to give up the couch, we got down to reading!


First we started with 2 year old Jackson’s book (because I knew he would only be good for a short window for reading!). His book that I brought for him that he got to keep was Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathman, about a naughty gorilla who helps all the animals escape from the zoo. After that book, Jackson had had enough and went off to play…and the kitten took his place…


Next up I gave Ella her book, Nobunny’s Perfect by Anna Dewdney. This book was a quick reminder to everyone to always use good manners. This crew definitely were on their best behavior tonight (and always are, I am sure…)

DSCN0579 (4)

Next it was Jillian’s turn to receive her book. We read The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands by Heidi Howarth. This young otter was too scared to let go of his mother’s hand. Jillian’s mom said that they have otters in the pond behind their house, but with 4 feet of snow out there now, I will have to take her word for it…


Finally it was Lydia’s turn. Her book was Harry and the Lady Next Door by Gene Zion. Harry definitely did not like the singing from the lady next door! By the time we read this story, the kitten had lost interest in the reading and was sound asleep…

Now that had all recieved their books, we opened it up to some of their favorites…Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia PolaccoSheep in a Jeep by Nancy E. ShawI am Creative – The Best Me I Can Be by David Parker…and last but not least, the one they were waiting for, the one the particularly wanted me to read…


They thought is was very funny to make me read Walter the Farting Dog by by William Kotzwinkle, Glenn Murray, and Audrey Colman. I am not sure that their father didn’t put them up to it…

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January 2015 Winner

January 2015 Simon 3

We had our first winner of the Bedtime Story Contest! It was 4 year old Simon from Rochester.

I got to Simon’s house in Rochester about 7:30. I could see Simon all ready for bed looking out the window when I drove up. I took me a sec to get up the walk and in the house and I could see Simon running around in excitement. We chatted for a minute with Simon’s parents, and I had to take a moment to pet Simon’s very vocal cat. Then Simon led me to the couch and we got down to business!


We started with one of Simon’s favorites that he had picked out from his own books, Dragons Love Tacos Hardcover (June 14, 2012) by Adam Rubin (Author), Daniel Salmieri (Illustrator). I never knew it was a bad idea to feed dragons jalapeno peppers – the fire gets very hot! Who knew? Next time I have a dragon over for tacos, I will make sure to remember that!

Book Little Critters

Next we read a book the Dr. Hoerman brought from his personal collection of books that his children liked. It was from the Little Critters series – Little Critter’s This Is My House (July 15, 1988) by Mercer Mayer (Author). This young monster can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

January 2015 Simon 2
Book Dinosaurs in the Supermarket

Next we read the book that I bought for Simon to keep – Dinosaurs in the Supermarket! (March 4, 2013) by Timothy Knapman (Author), Sarah Warburton (Illustrator). These pesky dinosaurs are causing all sorts of trouble in the supermarket. Simon was excited about getting his new book from Dr. Hoerman to keep.

Lastly, because Simon had been so good, we read one more bonus book that Simon picked out from his books.

Book Egg

This book he picked out was Roly-Poly Egg (March 1, 2011) by Kali Stileman (Author, Illustrator). This was a very unusual bird, and one tough egg! I don’t know why it didn’t break!

It was time for Simon to go to bed, and for Dr. Hoerman to leave. Simon promised he would try to read books every night before he went to bed.

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January 2015 Simon 1

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